Philip Peterson
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May 2016 - Present
Amplitude Analytics
Frontend Engineer
  • Released Amplitude 2.0, focusing on composability of components and fast shipping
  • Released features on a bi-weekly cadence
  • Built complex Redux modules with flow controlled by Sagas and interacting with redux-query to efficiently manage state synchonization with the server
  • Produced featurework: SQL query editor/runner, modals, custom cohort uploads, Flow typing support, chart legend display/drawing logic, stickiness and COLA graph visualization
September 2015 - April 2016
Junior Software Developer
  • Tackled full-stack development of SaaS product, paring down technical debt along the way
  • Optimized application for performance, including reducing query runtimes by a large factor
  • Created an invoice composer and publishing system
  • Improved reliability and consistency by switching service calls to use transactions and testing
  • Reactored existing infrastructure to reduce coupling (e.g. modularization, DI)
  • Created thread-safe logging middleware to interface with log4net
2012 – 2014
Gleim Publications, Inc.
Software Developer (Frontend and backend)
  • Created metadata editor and publishing system for documents which needed to be persisted in an RDBMS
  • Created reusable company-wide libraries, and remedied security vulnerabilities
  • Optimized database queries for analyzing web traffic
Volunteer, 2009 – Present
59 Volt Entertainment (aka The Starry Expanse Project)
Software Developer, Lead Architect, and Project Leader
  • Coordinated and recruited group of 15 developers and artists
  • Solved problems in computational geometry
  • Architected system for interactivity and automatic persistence/restoration of game state
Other experience includes academia-related development at the University of Florida (2015) and an internship at Grooveshark (2011). Details happily provided upon request.
JS (React, Redux, ES6, Node, Angular v1, jQuery, Backbone, transpiled variants), Python (Flask, Tornado), PHP, Sass, Meteor, HTML/CSS, C# (+ ASP.NET MVC)
General / Other
Bash, C++, C, Cg/HLSL, Fortran, Git, Java, Linux, MATLAB, MIPS assembly, Microsoft SQL, MongoDB, MySQL, OpenGL, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, SublimeText, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 4, Vim
Other Qualifications
Bachelor in Computer Science, University of Florida (August 2015, GPA: 3.23)
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